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Hello world!

April 20, 2010 1 comment

Well I guess i should start at the beginning, as let’s face it there is nowhere better to start. I’ve not blogged before, though I tweet a little bit (@fhkj). I’m a 43 year-old Londoner, married with two children (Rachel – wife, Meg and Tom – kids).

And I’m and enthusiast. A generalization I know, but an accurate one. In no particular order, my blog will talk about cars, bikes, watches, technology, media, photography, and probably some other stuff too. Oh, and I love sport of pretty much all shapes and forms, so that’s sure to be mentioned.

I’ve no idea who, if anyone, will read this. But if you do find yourself here, feel free to comment/abuse/applaud in whatever measure you see fit.

This was typed on my new iPad, and the accompanying pic is my new Cannondale Supersix.

I’ll update tomorrow with lots more thoughts on the world. Night night.

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